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Why Invest In Kids?

4% of teens accept Jesus when given the chance.

6% of adults accept Jesus when given the chance.

32% of kids accept Jesus when given the chance.

-What are you investing in?


Evangelism 4 -14

Children's Evangelism Myths busted.

Is the spreading of the Gospel with the primary focus on kids ages 4-14!

Why is the 4-14 age bracket so important to go after?

Studies have shown that the age bracket of 4-14 is vital in many ways. By age 12-13 kids have already established their world view. Another study showed that 63% of Christians accepted Jesus between the ages of   4-14. Let’s work together to give kids Biblical views and standards to live by.

The 4-14 bracket is when a child will form and establish a bond with the church and the gospel.  While they may not accept Jesus at that moment, the impression the church made on them as child will play a huge role on that child as a teen or an adult to whether or not they return to church.

When is a good time for your church to reach the 4-14 age bracket in your community?

These events can be done as seasonal, holiday focused, before…during… or after a community event!

This should not be a once and done event.  For instance, a spring outreach should be done every year with the expectation to grow bigger each year.

Myth: “I don’t need to prep for this event.”
Busted: You need to reach out into your community…get the word out about you are doing.  Pray and fast as a church about the event. Keep in touch with the evangelist you have coming.
Myth: “Me and my people don’t need to be there!”
Busted: Guests need to see your faces. Let this be a time a refreshing as questions get new ideas.  Be a part of what the Holy Spirit is doing.
Myth: We don’t need to bring someone in my pastor said, we are doing great!”
Busted: Children’s Evangelist and children’s pastors are not the same thing they have different anointing.
 Myth: Their gone, I can now relax!”
Busted: Have a follow up plan make sure your guest know they mattered to you. Find out what your church thought about the event.  Build on what happened at the event.
Myth: “It’s not in our budget!”
Busted: Talk with the evangelist be honest chances are they will work with you.

Here's how we can help you!

Unique Kidz Ministry does this through kidz crusades, park/street ministry, mini events, spring and fall events!

Whatever you do, do it with excellence and give it your all. 

Unique Kidz Ministry would be happy to return year after year to help you keep reaching your community! Being consistent will make the difference.

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