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Unique Kidz Ministry is here to offer you some options, we have a number of events we can help you to reach your community.
Kidz Crusade:

Ricky and Lucy's Epic Adventures
are an alternative to a traditional VBS, that run as 3 to 5 day event focusing on the salvation of Jesus and empowering children with the Holy Spirit.
Park/Street Ministry:

This is a great way to reach outside the walls of your church and meet your community where they are. This is meant to be a blessing to the world and present the Gospel to people who might never come into a church.
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Mini Event:

Needing a break or a fill-in? Mini Events are designed for Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights throughout the school year!
Guest Speaker:

These events are great for the whole “family”. They are a fantastic way to "kick-off" your outreach or just to change things up.  These are done on a Sunday morning in the main sanctuary where the whole family is welcome to worship together!

Here and Now.jpg
Here and Now:

Here & Now is a 3 day Kidz Crusade with a special emphasis on the Holy Spirit. We know that there is No Jr. Holy Spirit! We have geared this 3 day Kidz Crusade for students to experience a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit or to go deeper than ever before.
Not Ashamed:

This is a 3 day event with a special emphasis on kids reaching other kids while they are in school.  This event is designed to help equip and empower kids with tools they need to evangelize to their mission field.
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Carnival Outreaches:

Are local one day event that provide a fun community outreach with games and prizes while providing a salvation message.
Daily videos:

Check out YouTube and or Facebook for our daily videos!
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